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Trust is a funny subject to me because my idea of trust can be tottally different from someone else's idea of what trust is and maybe that's why there's a lot of broken trust between people.

Trust to me is based on being real to the other person, not do anything that may hurt them or put them down to make yourself feel better, not going behind someone's back. But being all this isn't easy and i'm far from having all this qualities but i try everyday to get better and be better. There's a quote that i love which is ' Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken but you can still see the crack in the reflection'. It's true if someone hurts you and brakes your trust even if you wanna forgive that person or even if you do forgive them it's never the same because the trust isn't there anymore.

I don't know why i chose this subject i guess i am hurt because someone broke the trust we had, the sad thing is that i actually believed we were grate mates and told this person stuff that i never told anyone.

When do we actually know someone? Do we ever get to know people fully?

the answer to this questions? I don't have it but if someone does please be my guest i would love to figure those one's out. All there is left to do is move on and realise that's the way life goes and at some point we all get hurt one way or another we just have to learn how do we go from there and how we can move on and learn to trust people again!

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